Vanderbilt Urology Society

The Vanderbilt Urology Society consists of faculty and alumni of Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Urology Department. The Society provides our members as well as other Tennessee based urologists with programs related to continued medical education, office practice, research and socioeconomic issues.  The Society strives to keep its members informed of new developments in field of urology. The Vanderbilt Urology Society consists of urologists and alumni of Vanderbilt University of Nashville, TN.

Rhamy - Shelley Lecture

The Vanderbilt Urology Society annual Rhamy-Shelley Lecture is considered one of the most prestigious visiting professorships in the country.  A different national or international expert is invited each year to educate the Vanderbilt Urology Society members about some aspect of urology.  Over the years, the Rhamy-Shelley Lectureship has attracted some of the most accomplished and well-known figures in urology, including Drs. Patrick Walsh, Andrew Novick, Peter Scardino, Louis Kavoussi, and J. Christian Winters.  The two-day event is sponsored by Vanderbilt University Medical Center Department of Urologic Surgery and the Vanderbilt Urology Society. Beyond serving as an educational opportunity for our residents and members of the Vanderbilt Urology Society, the Rhamy-Shelley provides an opportunity to solidify the excellent relationships between Vanderbilt and the urologic community here in Nashville and the surrounding areas.


In 1972, when Mr. Richard Turner-Warwick was invited to visit Vanderbilt Department of urologic surgery as a visiting professor, the invitation was extended to the local community and to all former Vanderbilt urology residents. The concept of combining a resident alumni reunion with an educational endeavor was enthusiastically received and three years later, in 1975, the Vanderbilt Urology Society, consisting of all former Vanderbilt urology residents as well as present and former faculty, was formed.

The lectureship honors two individuals who were instrumental in the development of the Urology Program at Vanderbilt, Dr. Robert Rhamy and Dr. Harry S. Shelley.